An argument in favor of gay couples right to adopt

Some say that homosexual couples should not be allowed to adopt children while others oppose this idea by stating that same-sex couples are just as good as heterosexual ones which is why they can adopt children. The growing acceptance of same-sex couples has also influenced this discussion greatly Tavernise, Depending on different beliefs concerning this topic, people tend to split into two hostile groups; one is for adoption among homosexual couples, and another one is against it. This discussion is very important at the moment, which is why different perspectives should be carefully examined.

An argument in favor of gay couples right to adopt

Swashbuckler 62 Disputed 1 point God ideally does not want people to have children, having children is more of a necessary ill than a good. But the highest state of spiritual development of man would be a sage or ascetic who would live in full reliance of the material world and spend their time in meditation in the presence of God.

Legal marriage benefits are not an 'entitlement', they're intended to benefit the society by encouraging the healthy raising of children.

An argument in favor of gay couples right to adopt

Since gay marriages or unions don't naturally result in children then there's no state incentive to allow them. So infertile couples should also not be allowed to marry? I assume you argue this just as vehemently when you are choosing issues to address. There is also no reason to allow same sex couples to raise or adopt children, since much evidence in psychology and social sciences shows this to be a biologically unnatural environment which could contribute negatively to the child's upbringing, therefore stable man and woman unions should always be favored over homosexual unions.

No, there isn't much evidence of that at all, and if there is, please provide it.


Also, I assume you don't want to allow single parents to adopt? Whether or not 'feeling homosexual desires' is a choice, it is still a choice to engage in homosexual activity or relationships. Just as "feeling hungry" isn't a choice, but going to McDonald's and buying a Big Mac is a choice.

While popular support for same-sex adoption is outpacing approval of gay marriage, Gates notes that even lesser forms of relationship recognition -- such as civil unions and domestic partnerships -- have included the right for same-sex couples to jointly adopt children. For example, Florida law bars "homosexuals" from adoption, and Utah law disallows unmarried, cohabitating couples from petitioning to adopt, thus preventing gay and lesbian partners in a relationship that is not a legal marriage from adopting. Adoption authorities have a strong preference to have siblings adopted together, and they apply a wide array of pressure tactics, from subtle to overt, to induce adopting couples to accept more.

Therefore nothing is stopping anyone from marrying someone of the same sex if they want to marry. The point is that they don't want to marry those people. Why is that even a factor to you?

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Likewise there is very little if any strong evidence that homosexuality is biologically hardwired or 'immutable' from birth like race is, and quite a bit of medical and scientific evidence that it is influenced by environment and may change over time.

Have you ever talked with a gay person before? Again, please provide your sources. Homosexual unions of course tend to be more prone to spreading STDs, instability, drug addiction, and other negative tangential effects.

Therefore this provides further incentive for the state not to openly encourage them. Likewise homosexual pedophiles seem to molest little boys at extremely high rates compared to straight pedophiles.

Homosexual unions actually aren't more prone to spreading STDs, that's true of unsafe or promiscuous sex. You're going to have to provide some evidence to suggest that homosexuality is linked with instability, drug addiction, and other negative tangential effects.

You seem to suggest that this is obvious, but it isn't obvious to me so perhaps you can elaborate. And in regards to 'homosexual pedophiles seem to molest little boys at extremely high rates compared to straight pedophiles,' again, please provide some evidence.

Your perception isn't evidence. The main motive behind the "LGBT" movement was simply to gain political influence and acceptance by getting the state to declare gay unions "official marriages". It was not about "love", or "children", or anything of that nature.

Since of course homosexuals have a legal right to enter relationships, and have unofficial weddings if they wish regardless of whether or not they can legally marry 'on the books'. The gay marriage movement was primarily just politically-motivated rather than about "rights".

I don't know how you prove this.

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But yeah, that was kind of their argument. They feel cheated out of political and social benefits for the sole purpose of who they are, not because they are hurting anyone. Why is that an argument to deny them that equality?Dec 29,  · Opposition to a bill allowing gay couples to adopt has been unexpectedly fierce in the country, which legalized civil unions more than a decade ago.

In . Adoption and the LGBT Community.

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Gay and lesbian adoption is increasing in the US. Approximately 16, same-sex couples are raising more than 22, adopted children in the US and 2 million gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders have expressed an interest in adopting.

The high court heard historic arguments over the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry same-sex couples to adopt those children," Kennedy said. orders in favor of same-sex couples to Founded: Sep 18, Allowing Gay Adoption to be Equal and Fair Essay - America, as a nation, is known to be equal and fair to everybody.

An argument in favor of gay couples right to adopt

It’s a nation that made black and white people equal, men and women equal, but why aren’t gay couples equal to straight couples. Each foster child in the system should have a chance at adoption so to deny gay couples the right to adopt is not only heartbreaking for both the child and the potential gay couple but also unconstitutional.

Apr 29,  · The Top Arguments for and Against Same-Sex Marriage at the Supreme Court There are consequences to waiting. Couples are denied their rights, which .

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