Diary of a water molecule

A design space was applied for the manufacturing process of the active substance. The drug substance CQAs and the control strategy have been adequately described. The design space was established with lab scale batches.

Diary of a water molecule

Mariner East 2 and me Glossary of pipeline-related terms This glossary contains pipeline-related terms and abbreviations that are used in this blog. Terms in bold are those for which you will find definitions. But first, here is a brief description of the processes involved in the Mariner East pipelines.

Near the source, the gas goes through a basic separation process called fractionation, which removes impurities and separates the consumer-ready dry gas from the natural gas liquids.

The latter are piped at high pressure to the port at Marcus Hook, where they are loaded onto a fleet of Dragon ships and transported to Europe.

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There, at a cracking plant, they are converted into intermediary products for the plastics industry. The pipeline is built using a combination of trenching and horizontal directional drilling.

Drilling fluid is used to lubricate and power the drill. After a pilot hole has been drilled, it is expanded with an augur and pipe is pulled through in the pullback process.

It is pumped down the drill string to lubricate the drill bit, and it returns back to the drilling site through the space along the outside of the drill string, carrying bits of rock and soil from the drilling. It is filtered and used again. The fluid follows a crack in the rocks to the surface, where it appears in an unintended location.

Fracking or hydraulic fracturing: Fracking is the source of the natural gas liquids to be carried by Mariner East 2. A method of tunneling in an arc that descends underground from one location, then rises to the surface in another, so that a pipe can be pulled through the hole. Chemical and gas-industry terms Alkane: These are distinguished by the number of carbon atoms in the backbone of the molecule.

A mixture of alkanes is always found in the raw natural gas emerging from a well, but the proportions may vary. At room temperature and normal pressures, it is a gas.

Its molecules contain four carbon atoms. It can be liquefied by being cooled or compressed. It is a member of the alkane chemical family. Cracking ethane, for example, results in ethylene, which is used to make polyethylene plastic. Natural gas from which the natural gas liquids have been removed.

Diary of a water molecule

Its molecules contain two carbon atoms. It is done at plants in the vicinity of natural-gas wells, before the gas is shipped to market. Its molecules contain three carbon atoms. Natural gas liquids NGLs: The pressure in a natural gas liquids pipeline must be maintained at about psi in order for these products to remain in a liquid state.

The largest component is methane, but it will also contain ethane, butane, propane, water vapor, and some sulfur compounds as well as small amounts of other chemicals. Before it can be used, the components have to be separated via fractionation.

Once most of these have been removed, the result is dry gas, which is shipped to consumers. This is the company that recently acquired Sunoco Logistics, the originator of the Mariner East pipeline project.

The key concerns are pollution and erosion.

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This is the original Mariner East pipeline, which originated in and as a pipeline for transporting natural gas from Philadelphia-area ports to western Pennsylvania. It passed through various hands until Sunoco acquired it in Sunoco temporarily retired the pipeline inthen put it back into service in as a pipeline carrying high-pressure NGLs from in the opposite direction, from fracking wells in western Pennsylvania to a shipping facility in Marcus Hook, south of Philadelphia.

The pressure in an NGL pipeline must be maintained at about psi in order for these products to remain in a liquid state. This governmental organization is tasked with regulating utilities on behalf of the citizens of Pennsylvania at least in principle.In the water molecule, there are a total of four pairs of electrons in the outer shell: two lone pairs and two pairs that bond each hydrogen atom to the oxygen atom.

Aug 20,  · The first time I ran into the term ‘water world,’ it had a seductive quality. After all, we think of habitable zones in terms of water on the surface, and a world with an overabundance of water suggested a kind of celestial Polynesia, archipelagos surrounded by a planet-circling, azure sea.

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Hot plate with beaker containing distilled water (to make a hot water bath) 12 test tubes: Test tube rack. Test tube holder. each food must be tested for each molecule.

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The design should be documented in your laboratory journal and should include descriptions of: Note that these three food items were items listed by Anna in her food diary.

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As. Magnesium Oxide is the oxide salt of magnesium with antacid, laxative and vascular smooth muscle relaxant activities. Magnesium combines with water to form magnesium hydroxide which reacts chemically to neutralize or buffer existing quantities of stomach acid; stomach-content and intra-esophageal pH rise, resulting in a decrease in pepsin activity.

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