Do artifacts have politics

Hitler's Christianity To deny the influence of Christianity on Hitler and its role in World War II, means that you must ignore history and forever bar yourself from understanding the source of German anti-Semitism and how the WWII atrocities occurred.

Do artifacts have politics

Rajaram Until quite recently, the famous Harappan civilization of the Indus valley has been an enigma. Many questions still remain about the identity of the people who created this great ancient civilization.

Stretching over a million and a half square kilometers, from the borders of Iran to east UP and with some sites as far south as the Godavari valley, it was larger than ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia combined.

The satellite image on the left is drawn in the map on the right, showing the Indus River in blue, the dry Sarasvati River basin in green and archaeological sites as black dots. What is perhaps most puzzling about it is the fact that all major sites spread over this immense belt went into sudden decline and disappeared more or less simultaneously.

The renowned archeologist, S. Rao, probably the foremost authority on Harappan archeology recently wrote: They seem to have left in a great hurry and in small groups, seeking shelter initially on the eastern flank of the Ghaggar and gradually moving towards the Yamuna.

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The refugees from Mohen-jo-daro and southern sites in Sind fled to Saurashtra and later occupied the interior of the peninsula. The usual explanation found in history books is that the inhabitants of the Harappan cities were driven out by the invading Aryans.

Do artifacts have politics

However it is now recognized by scholars that the Aryan invasion theory of India is a myth that owes more to European politics than anything in Indian records or archaeology.

The evidence against any such invasion is now far too strong to be taken seriously. To begin with, sites spread over such a vast stretch, measuring well over a thousand miles across would not have been all abandoned simultaneously due to the incursion of nomadic bands at one extremity.

Further, there is profuse archaeological evidence including the presence of sacrificial altars that go to show that the Harappans were part of the Vedic aryan fold. As a result, it can safely by said that the Vedic age also ended with the Harappan civilization.

From all this it is clear that the loss of these sites must have been associated with some natural catastrophe.

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A few scholars have pointed to evidence of frequent floods to account for the abandonement. But, floods are invariably local in nature and do not cause the collapse of a civilization over a vast belt.

Floods bring death but they also sustain life. Some of the most flood prone areas of the world - like the Nile valley, Bengal and the Yangtse valley, in China - area also among the most densely populated. It is the loss of water or dessication that causes massive disruptions on the scale witnessed at the end of the Harappan civilization.

Thanks to the latest data from two major archaeological and satellite based studies, we now know that this is exactly what happened. It was ecological change that ended the great civilization not only in India but over a vast belt that included Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Aegean.

On the basis of extensive explorations carried out in Northern Mesopotamia, a joint French-American team led by H. Weiss of Yale University has determined that most of the old world civilization were severely affected by a prolonged drought that began about B.

The most drastically hit region seems to have been the Akkadian civilization neighbouring India. The drought may have been triggered by massive volcanic eruptions.

According to the findings of this historic study concluded only recently: Synchronous collapse in adjacent regions suggests the impact of abrupt climatic change was excessive.

The authors of this momentous study note that the collapse of the Akkdians more or less coincided with similar climate change, land degradation and collapse noted in the Aegean, Palestine, Egypt, and India.

The date of BCE given by S. Rao for the collapse of the Harappans should be seen as approximate. More accurate methods are now available that show this date to have been sometime before BCE, and they are well within the calibration error of radiocation and other scientific dating techniques.

The basic point is: To attribute a global calamity of such colossal magnitude to nomadic 'Aryan' tribes is simplistic in the extreme.TIVERTON — A fire at 88 Crandall Road on Wednesday afternoon that started in the kitchen killed three dogs that were overcome by smoke.

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There are some truths that I strive to preach, for lack of a better word, in today's information-culture wars propagated in our corrupt mainstream media.

Hitler's Christianity. To deny the influence of Christianity on Hitler and its role in World War II, means that you must ignore history and forever bar yourself from understanding the source of German anti-Semitism and how the WWII atrocities occurred.


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