Facebook addiction

You're in an awkward social situation. You're at home - bored, alone. All of these times, you go to Facebook.

Facebook addiction


By Michael Poh in Social Media. Updated on December 31, With close to a billion users out there, one can easily throw a stone and hit a Facebook user. However, when Facebook activities start interfering with your everyday life and become detrimental to your daily functioning at work or in school, you might have a problem.

Here are some telltale signs of Facebook addiction you should take note of. The Psychology of Facebook 1. It has perhaps a lot to do with the gratification of being acknowledged or approved by our peers. In other words, the default choice for your freetime activity is to be on Facebook.

So what do you do? You leave your Facebook open in the background, switching between work or assignments to the page every few minutes.

Facebook addiction

Even when you are outside enjoying a drink with a friend, you log in to the Facebook app on your smartphone every now and then during brief moments of non-interactions.

No surprises there, seeing how your attention is always diverted to some Facebook notifications. Overly Concerned with Facebook Image Have you ever spent more than fifteen minutes of your time thinking about what you ought to type for your status update? To some extent, we are all concerned over how we project ourselves to the rest of the world, even when it comes to our online presence.

Reporting On Facebook Most of us have seen friends in our network who almost certainly never fail to appear on our newsfeed each time we log on to Facebook.

It could be some status update, check-in, posting of their photos and such.

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Their posts tend to be on very mundane matters, much like how someone reports to another what he or she is doing at any given moment. They report to you their daily routines e. Telegraphe It appears to be an attempt to remind others that they exist. Either that or these people are just trying to make their offline life co-existing with their Facebook one.

To me, it seems to be a sign of obsession, as if you need to post something, no matter how ordinary or unimaginative, in order to relieve your anxiety of not doing so. The issue gets worse when you actually sacrifice your sleep to use Facebook. Lack of sleep will undoubtedly affect your performance in school or work the next day, which is when Facebook becomes an addiction problem.

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Mad rush to add more friends For some users, Facebook addiction may manifest itself as an intense desire to add more friends. The more friends you have, the more you feel pressured to maintain appropriate etiquette for different types of friends while remaining entertaining.

In other words, the competition in adding friends may result in a vicious cycle of increasing Facebook-related tensions, resulting in worse addiction outcomes. You become over-reliant on Facebook to fulfill your social needs and may start sacrificing the time spent on real-life meet-ups for coffee with your friends.

In the long run, your social life suffers because your communication is limited to Facebook and not with a real-life friend. Overcoming Facebook Addiction Looking back at the signs and symptoms of Facebook addiction, I realize I am by no means immune to it.

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Refreshing my Facebook newsfeed whenever I have the chance? Lowlandet Tips like first admitting you have a problem, setting aside a fixed time to check your Facebook, turning off notifications, etc are all legitimate.

However, it might be more effective if we deal with the root of the addiction problem by finding out why you are depending on Facebook so much.

Facebook addiction

Put Facebook away for awhile, go out and experience the offline world by interacting with your friends face-to-face.Facebook, Twitter, and other social media have good and bad features, like most technology. It is up to us to make the best of these technologies while minimizing their bad effects on our lives.

For some users, Facebook addiction may manifest itself as an intense desire to add more friends. There is a perceived ‘arms race’ between you and your other friends to see who has the highest number of friends on their network.


How many photos are you tagged in? I don't know (If you're not sure, Click here to open facebook in a new window, then click 'profile') Tens () Hundreds; Thousands; 11 questions remain. Addiction for Fun and Profit Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies strive to keep users hooked.

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Does that make them evil? Jan 29,  · How Facebook Addiction Affects Us In doing research for her book, keeping up on the latest studies about Facebook addiction and from her own personal experience, Adams said she's learned about.

Apr 05,  · Two new studies show the dark side of Facebook’s power over us: Addiction and body image issues.

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