How to write an encyclopedia entry ks2 bitesize

Whiteboard Range of text types eg news articles, encyclopaedia entries on a common theme eg snow You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to access the PDF files. Teaching activities Class Work Present a list of text types on the whiteboard - information book, leaflet, advertisement, website, newspaper article, play script, story, poem, dictionary, biography and so on. Ask the children to identify which ones are forms of non-fiction.

How to write an encyclopedia entry ks2 bitesize

Define the Physical Feature: Use your textbook to find the definition of your physical feature. Write the definition below. Use your textbook and other resources in your classroom and library to gather information on the characteristics of your physical feature.

Write a brief description of at least two characteristics below. Identify Plants and Animals: Use your textbook and other books in your classroom and library to gather information on the plants and animals that are found in your physical feature.

Then choose at least one plant and one animal and write a brief description of how they live and grow in the physical feature you are researching.

Use your textbook and other books in your classroom and library to find at least two examples of your physical feature in or near the United States.

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Make a list of the examples below. Cut out pictures from old magazines or draw pictures for your encyclopedia entry. Check each box when you have completed the pictures for each section. Definition [ ] Section 3: Plants and Animals [ ] Section 4: Create a page for each section of your encyclopedia entry.

Copy or cut out and paste the information you wrote on this worksheet onto your new pages. Then paste the pictures you found or drew on the pages. Create a title page for your entry.

how to write an encyclopedia entry ks2 bitesize

You may download, print and make copies of these pages for use in your classroom, provided that you include the copyright notice shown below in all such copies.This helpful PowerPoint will support children in their writing of factual information in the style of an encyclopedia.

Download this colouful 22 – slide PowerPoint to support your teaching of the key features of writing a diary entry. This resource will encourage children to make notes using a mind map, has questions to use as prompts and has photographs and supporting key word lists children can use.

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Jan 23,  · Suitable for teaching 5 to 13s. Barney Harwood and Helen Skelton are joined by expert guests, Charlie Higson and Frank Cottrell-Boyce, for an interactive story writing lesson. Write the author's name: Last name, First name. If no author is given, the entry is alphabetized by title.

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