Leave management system literature review

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Leave management system literature review

Although this does not take too much time, yet approving leaves is a delicate balancing act. On one hand, HR has to ensure compliance with leave policy and ensure availability of sufficient resources for business continuance, while on the other it has to improve employee satisfaction.

Most of us have witnessed bitter manager-employee relation on issuing of leaves making leave management a strategic task for the organization. Strategic Value Leave management system literature review Leave While many companies may not take leave management seriously, research shows that poor leave management has had a bad impact on business performance.

It can impact project deliveries and employee morale negatively. Here are some critical business issues, directly related to leave management: Meeting project delivery deadlines: Availability of manpower directly impacts the project delivery schedules.

While committing to delivery dates, managers need to keep in mind the availability of sufficient resources.

They need to know the peak leave periods and should commit delivery dates accordingly. Also, when crucial projects are nearing deadlines, they should approve leaves prudently. Every country has legal rules for employee leaves.

For instance, the Family and Medical Leave Act FMLA in the United States — with its broad definition of medical conditions and generous leave provisions — can scare employers, especially smaller companies who rely on a handful of key employees.

Failing to comply with the complicated requirements of this law can result in serious liability for both companies and individuals.

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Non-compliance with these rules increases the risk of being sued by the employees and penalized by government authorities. Getting leaves on time is a major employee satisfaction factor. Employees have several personal needs which require their absence from work.

Read another of our post on denying leaves can cause emotional stress where we studied a case of mismanaged leave request. Accrued leaves are financial liabilities on organizations, especially paid and privileged leaves that need to be reimbursed at the time of separation or as and when required by employee according to the leave policy.

If employees do not take enough leaves, the financial liability of the organization increases and the HR should report this to management at regular intervals.

Both, employees who do not take enough leaves and suffer from stress and employees who take too many leaves and are careless towards job have negative impact on their performance. Both types of employees need to be monitored carefully and coached on maintaining a productive work-life balance.

Many employees tend to take leaves during the festive seasons. An HR manager should keep a watch on the times when a large number of employees apply for leave. These metrics help senior management in decision making especially regarding project delivery dates.

This shows the number of employees available for work in the current quarter or at any given time period. This shows the remaining leaves of various types for the employees, both department and company wise.

This helps the finance department estimate accrued leave liability of the company at a given time.literature producing a set of criteria that are necessary for an l intention to leave Attendance Management: a review of good practice 5 impact of working patterns have not featured strongly in absence research until relatively recently.

The . THE SHARD TOWER LITERATURE REVIEW Safety Every year there are numerous accidents in construction happening around the world (Zhang, n.d.). Safety is a management issue that typically is carried out after project design has been completed.

management, leave management, report generation to assist in performance appraisal, ESS and employee trainings. Well-designed database to store employee information. 3. Literature Review If a hospitality establishment does not use some sort of advanced technological system in its operations, it is deemed to be out of date and disorganized.

Pizam illustrates its use by claiming that revenue management in hotel management is the “business practice of selling the right inventory to the right customer. Read more about Recent changes to the domestic and family leave policy.

Quality and Safeguarding Half Day workshop. Read more about How to decide on a Client Relationship Management system.

Leave management system literature review

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Leave management system literature review
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