Luxor technologies case study 1 5

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Luxor technologies case study 1 5

Risk Management and Insurance Luxor Technologies Case Study I have 3 questions in this case study and i also have some answers for these questions. What i need you to do is, go through the case study, refer to the answers i gave you and do some more research on it and write some description about the case study and three answers.

Make any one answer about words and the other two up to to words. Please find the TWO attached documents. Between andLuxor Technologies had seen their business almost quadruple in the wireless communications area.

Luxor technologies case study 1 5

The technical community was paid very well and given the freedom to innovate. Applications engineering and process improvement were major strengths at Luxor. Luxor possessed patents in technology breakthrough, applications engineering, and even process improvement.

Luxor refused to license their technology to other firms, even if the applicant Luxor technologies case study 1 5 not a major competitor.

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Patent protection and design secrecy were of paramount importance to Luxor. In this regard, Luxor became vertically integrated, manufacturing and assembling all components of their products internally.

Only off-the-shelf components were purchased. Luxor believed that if they were to use outside vendors for sensitive component procurement, they would have to release critical and proprietary data to the vendors. Being the market leader technically afforded Luxor certain luxuries. Luxor saw no need for expertise in technical risk management.

In cases where the technical community was only able to achieve percent of the desired specification limit, the product was released as it stood, accompanied by an annoement that there would be an upgrade the following year to achieve the remaining percent of the specification limit, together with other features.

Enhancements and upgrades were made on a yearly basis. The competition was catching up quickly, thanks to major technological breakthroughs.

Luxor realized that something must be done, and quickly. In JanuaryLuxor hired an expert in risk analysis and risk management to help Luxor assess the potential damage to the firm and to assist in development of a mitigation plan.

The consultant reviewed project histories and lessons learned on all projects undertaken from through The consultant concluded that the major risk to Luxor would be the technical risk and prepared Exhibits I and II.

The consultant identified the six most common technical risk events that could occur at Luxor over the next several years, based upon the extrapolation of past and present data into the future.

Because of the high probability of the state-of-the-art advancements needed in the future i. A strategic decision had to be made concerning the technical risks identified in Exhibit I, specifically the first two risks. The competition had caught up to Luxor in applications engineering and was now surpassing Luxor in patents involving state-of-the-art advancements.

From totime was considered as a luxury for the technical community at Luxor. Now time was a serious constraint. Marketing was given the task of determining the potential impact of a change in strategy from a market leader to a market follower.

The following list was prepared and presented to management by marketing: Luxor will still remain strong in applications engineering but will need to outsource state-of-the-art development work. Luxor will be required to provide outside vendors with proprietary information.

Luxor may no longer be vertically integrated i. Final product costs may be heavily influenced by the costs of subcontractors. Luxor may not be able to remain a low cost supplier. Layoffs will inevitable, but perhaps not in the near term. The marketing and selling of products may need to change.

Can Luxor still market products as a low-cost, high quality, state-of-the-art manufacturer?Case Study Assignment – Luxor Technologies Overview Luxor Technologies was a leader company in the wireless communications area between and Their products were based on low cost, high-quality applications of the state- of-the-art technology, rather %(7).

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Luxor technologies case study 1 5
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