Malaysia cio japan version 2

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Malaysia cio japan version 2

The Summit was organised by CIO Academy Asia CIOAAthe Singapore-based organisation and think-tank that provides tech and business leaders with access to research, insights and advice on key organisational and business challenges in areas involving the use of technology. Over the course of the intensive 2-day Summit, senior tech leaders from government and the private sector in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mongolia, as well as senior representatives from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, exchanged ideas from the perspective of government, technology, business, operations, service providers, customers and extended stakeholders.

He shared that the government aims to spur the development of an innovative ecosystem Mongolia, enable greater transparency in public spending, and make government data available to developers.

Wishing the Summit great success, he said that there was great room for improvement in Mongolia and an even greater need for public-private partnerships.

Sessions on Day 1 focused on building partnership models in a disruptive world, tackling the issue of talent, and innovating to survive.

Malaysia cio japan version 2

Its benefits could be harnessed by any sector—from farming to speech recognition to healthcare. Panellists shared how their respective organisations involved startups in the engagement frameworks of the irrespective businesses. While all agreed on the need to collaborate with new partners and startups, three main recommendations emerged out of the discussion: Key Takeaways With disruption, substantive new capabilities are coming from start-ups but they also carry high risks The agile approach is the way to go, and prototyping will allow greater collaboration with start- ups.

Partner selection however should ensure that they have compatible organisational culture and the right DNA as the basis for collaboration with the possibility of investing in them. Traditional procurement models may no longer be adequate for some cases, hence the need to evolve new models to suit new needs without compromising on governance.

At Google, a 4-person panel often makes hiring decisions with no individual making the final call. They also deploy structured sets of questions as a way to avoid introducing biases. Hiring is one aspect of talent management, while the other is that of being a good manager.

Fenwick, a good manager has to be a good coach, be able to empower teams and have concern for them, be productive and result-oriented, and be a good communicator. Similarly, effective teamwork happens when people work with psychological safety, dependability, structure and clarity, sense of meaningfulness in their work and impact on others.

Humility is good in people but they should be able to push back when the need arises. Believe in mentorship and grow talent in your ecosystem and industry This will eventually benefit you and also raise standards within your ecosystem.

Grow your staff internally; create more leaders, not more followers.

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Use new tools for hiring such as AI and social media. Resilience is very important for companies to survive. For example, even though MyRepublic ISP provider did not obtain a telecom license, it is now operating through an alliance with an existing telco in Singapore When considering partnership, make sure that the companies are aligned in terms of culture CIOs have to innovate their businesses and take risks e.

Key Takeaways Human resource is the most important resource, and tech is the new power that can create a new value for the public sector There are ample opportunities for collaboration in Asia, especially in the logistic sector and in e-commerce. For organisations like SATS, partnerships are crucial; they operate in 53 cities and have joint ventures with airlines or governments.

There are over government agencies in Thailand, and e-governance policies have helped to break down the silos among agencies.

There is a need for mindset change among the government people and it should start from the top. The evening ended with a sumptuous barbecue dinner at the ASEM village.

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If you are not currently on the latest version of Blackboard Learn, Building Block and Connect Enterprise remain available as interim solutions while you plan your upgrade. There is an incoming data storm, and CIOs are at the helm. Empowered as captains of change, CIOs are assuming immense responsibility to steer their organisations through a turbulent social, political and technological landscape.

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