Minerva and the muse margaret fuller

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Minerva and the muse margaret fuller

With her meticulous research, Von Mehren has written a notable addition to previously published biographies, including Donna Dickenson's Margaret Fuller: Stern's The Life of Margaret Fuller rev. An American Romantic Life v. Although Capper's work in particular achieves a broader historical and social scope, Von Mehren captures Fuller's individual character and the progress of her life.

Minerva and the muse margaret fuller

She portrays Fuller as divided between her Minerva side--the public intellectual--and the Muse side--the sensitive woman who sought intimacy. Von Mehren's exploration of these two sides of Fuller creates a lucid picture of what it must have been like to be a woman "determined on distinction," as Fuller once commented, in the early 19th century and pulled in different directions by societal forces.

Because of its clarity and Von Mehren's careful research, this biography deserves a place in any large academic library and would be as suitable for upper-division undergraduates as for graduate students and professors.

Review by Booklist Review As the author acknowledges in the introduction, over the past dozen years the "Fuller revival has become a minor industry.

Review by Publisher's Weekly Review Fullera journalist, critic and author of a pioneering treatise on women's rights Women in the Nineteenth Centuryis accorded a preeminent place in American intellectual history in this carefully researched, important study.

Von Mehren, a freelance writer-scholar, details Fuller's evolution from child prodigy to leading New England intellectual.

Her friendship with Ralph Waldo Emerson led to a position editing and writing literary criticism for the Dial, a transcendentalist journal. Greeley sent her to Europe, where she reported on the Italian revolution of Overcoming earlier disappointments in love, Fuller married Giovanni Ossoli, an Italian with whom she had a child.

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SUMMARY. Writer, teacher and feminist, Margaret Fuller () was a major figure in American intellectual life. This biography describes Fuller's evolution as a woman and a writer, encompassing her career as editor of the Dial, journalist for the New York Tribune and other literary achievements. Cast: Becca Blossoms, J.C.

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Minerva and the Muse was remarkable on sight, being one of the larger books in the collection by a comfortable margin. Upon a cursory glance, it was found to contain an incredible amount of detail about every aspect of Margaret Fuller’s life, revealing the author Joan von . The Conversations would also set into motion those ideas which became Fuller's Woman in the Nineteenth Century.

Joan von Mehren. Minerva and the Muse: A Life of Margaret Fuller. Minerva and the Muse: A Life of Margaret Fuller. Amherst: Univ. of Mass Pr., Amherst: Univ. of Mass Pr., Books and Articles about Margaret Fuller, some with selections from her writings.

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