Netscape application server

The Netscape Application Server, Version 4.

Netscape application server

Netscape — When it was an independent company, its headquarters were in Mountain View, California. Netscapes web browser was dominant in terms of usage share. Shortly before its acquisition by AOL, Netscape released the code for its browser.

The Mozilla Organization rewrote the entire source code based on the Gecko rendering engine. The Gecko engine would later be used to power the Mozilla Foundations Firefox browser, under AOL, Netscapes browser development continued until December when AOL announced that the company would stop supporting the Netscape browser as of early As ofAOL has continued to use the Netscape brand to market a discount Internet service provider, Netscape was the first company to attempt to capitalize on the nascent World Wide Web.

Jim Barksdale came on board as CEO in Januaryjim Clark and Marc Andreessen originally created a page concept pitch for an online gaming network to Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 console, but a deal was never reached.

Netscape application server

Marc Andreessen explains, If they had shipped a year earlier, the companys first product was the web browser, called Mosaic Netscape 0. Within four months of its release, it had already taken three-quarters of the browser market and it became the main browser for Internet users in such a short time due to its superiority over other competition, like Mosaic.

A cartoon Godzilla-like lizard mascot was drawn by artist-employee Dave Titus, the Mozilla mascot featured prominently on Netscapes web site in the companys early years. However, the need Netscape application server project a professional image led to this being removed.

While it was unusual for a company to go public prior to becoming profitable, Netscapes revenues had, in fact, the success of this IPO subsequently inspired the use of the term Netscape moment to describe a high-visibility IPO that signals the dawn of a new industry.

During this period, Netscape also pursued a publicity strategy packaging Andreessen as the rock star 2. Sun Microsystems — Sun contributed significantly to the evolution of several key computing technologies, among them Unix, RISC processors, thin client computing, and virtualized computing.

Sun was founded on February 24, at its height, the Sun headquarters were in Santa Clara, California, on the former west campus of the Agnews Developmental Center. Sun was a proponent of open systems in general and Unix in particular, the initial design for what became Suns first Unix workstation, the Sun-1, was conceived by Andy Bechtolsheim when he was a graduate student at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

Bechtolsheim originally designed the SUN workstation for the Stanford University Network communications project as a personal CAD workstation and it was designed around the Motorola processor with an advanced memory management unit to support the Unix operating system with virtual memory support.

The Sun name is derived from the initials of the Stanford University Network, Sun was profitable from its first quarter in July By Sun was known for producing based systems with high-quality graphics that were the only computers other than DECs VAX to run 4.

Suns initial public offering was in under the stock symbol SUNW, the symbol was changed in to JAVA, Sun stated that the brand awareness associated with its Java platform better represented the companys current strategy.

Suns logo, which features four interleaved copies of the sun in the form of a rotationally symmetric ambigram, was designed by professor Vaughan Pratt.

The initial version of the logo was orange and had the sides oriented horizontally and vertically, but it was rotated to stand on one corner and re-colored purple. In the dot-com bubble, Sun began making more money. It also began spending more, hiring workers and building itself out.

Some of this was because of demand, but much was from web start-up companies anticipating business that would never happen. Sales in Suns important hardware division went into free-fall as customers closed shop, several quarters of steep losses led to executive departures, rounds of layoffs, and other cost cutting.

Part of the deal was that Sun agreed to pay Netscape a fixed amount for each year of the deal regardless of any software was actually sold by the alliance. The code was written after the best parts of the Netscape Enterprise Server, the iPlanet brand was already owned by Sun following the acquisition of i-Planet, Inc.

Inthe three year alliance came to an end, at point, under the terms of the deal. Around this time many of the remaining Netscape employees were laid off or transferred to Sun. During the period of the alliance, Netscape had hired very few people, AOL had continued to market the directory and certificate server products under the Netscape brand.The performance tests reviewed in this audit report demonstrate that for a consumer shopping application the Netscape Application Server , Service Pack 1 (NAS) is times faster than another popular Application Server, which we will call Green because of license restrictions.

Netscape Application Server A Web-based application server from the Sun-Netscape Alliance that supports C, C++ and Java applications, Java servlets, JavaServer Pages . May 24, -- As expected, the Sun-Netscape Alliance -- formed in March by America Online Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc.

-- today detailed their plans to merge the Netscape Communications Corp. Application Server and Sun NetDynamics application server software into a single, unified solution. The application logic may reside on the client on the client or on the server, or it may be split between both.

These are many ways in which the application logic can be partitioned between the client and the server. Jul 25,  · Netscape Application Server was an integrated software platform for developing and running transaction-oriented business applications on the web.

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It was developed originally by Kiva Software, which Netscape acquired in When Netscape and Sun Microsystems formed the Sun-Netscape Alliance in. Jan 24,  · Hi All, I am working on Netscape application server and using Iplanet BillerEx api for managing the user and biller information.

I am working on Netscape application server and using Iplanet BillerEx api for managing the user and biller information.

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