Persuasive essay on the war on drugs

Some drug user, whether he or she is smoking weed, injecting heroin, smoking meth, doing ecstasy, etc. This person committed no other crime; they simply were trying to exercise the right that they should have in this country, autonomy over their own body. This is injustice, and legalization of drugs would prevent this from happening along with having many other beneficial side effects.

Persuasive essay on the war on drugs

Which was my first paper that I put a lot of time into, it took a lot of brain storming and thinking for me to even start writing.

We can make a positive change within America as the first step. Over a period of time now, The United States has been enabling the war, by allowing legalization of Marijuana to take place in certain states. Winning the war, seems like an impossible task. But losing completely would diminish security and stability in our world.

Applying more action and recognition will increase our awareness to stay away from this loss, and would better our economy as a whole. The war on drugs being fought here in the United States, is the overall dependency for drugs.

It is highly demanded for distribution, personal use, and strings in other violent crimes. We can put an end to this dependency by applying some basic principles and steps.

A step in the right direction is prevention, to abolish all laws that enable the use of drugs, such as illegalization of Marijuana. The focus here is to set clear boundaries to people, and to also indicate that there is change coming into effect.

With less drugs, it allows the people and economy to grow in a positive direction. Less homelessness, dependency, crimes, and jail sentencing would be the direct result of tougher drug policies.

Persuasive essay on the war on drugs

This is not true, however. The concept behind Legalization is an idea to lower crime rates, controlling the potency of powerful drugs, and to eliminate trades with other countries.

The possibility of dealers tempering with drugs to increase potency is almost a given. And with legalization, we may think we came with a solution, but it is merely the opposite.

With legalization one would think it would put an end to our increased taxes, but it would continue to be the same. We would need to pay up more money for the wars being fought for these drugs. If drugs such as cocaine or opiate based drugs were legal and to be demanded, we would need to collect from sources such as Asia and the Middle East.


We would be fueling another battle amongst those countries, something that is inevitable. Especially when it involves such addictive substances, with high anticipation and demand.

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The War on Drugs going on in Mexico today is a prime example. We now begin to think that our increased taxes will grow, while sending out troops to fight for the drugs that we need. Overall, The War on Drugs seems like an never ending war, but in reality all it takes is small but powerful change in order to approach it.

If we were to help ourselves before helping others, we would be of more service and help. And these principles could be applied anywhere else that has the desire to put an end into a drug fueled environment. This nonviolent approach goes along way and overtime will save more lives and potential to the people of tomorrow.Jun 11,  · Persuasive Speech Topics.

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Persuasive essay on the war on drugs

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