Reflection of the lorax

LOVE Well, not so much: I do, however, feel like talking a bit about this movie, inspired by the book of the same name written quite a few decades ago by the fabled Dr. Seuss, and why I really enjoy the messages it has to offer. Hell, perhaps a few of you fence-sitters will give the book and movie a try, yourselves, after patiently reading through my yacking.

Reflection of the lorax

Today, of course, that same squirrel would have to navigate the vast East Coast megalopolis, the rolling farmlands of the Midwest and South, and a spaghetti bowl of state and federal highways from here to there and there to here before it could dip its tail in the big river.

Places yet remain, however, where the trees still hold sway. Oregon and Washington State still enjoy vast swaths of forest untouched and unseen by the steel diligence of modern enterprise.

My little town in rural New Hampshire floats on a verdant sea of foliage that changes color in time, withers, dies and returns each spring in a bellowing of green.

The town itself was zoned so that every neighborhood has its own small forest, a thought unheard of in places like Boston or Manhattan, where the land would have been plundered long ago for its real estate value.

Here, it was instead decided that the trees, to quote Dr. Seuss, are what everyone needs. Seuss, was in the news after the election of Donald Trump, despite having passed away more than a quarter century ago, and for good reason.

This week, however, Seuss is back in the news for a very different reason: For those unacquainted with The Lorax, a brief synopsis: The Lorax must send all the animals away to find new homes, lest they perish in the onrushing devastation. So was Geisel when he wrote it. In The Lorax, I was out to attack what I think are evil things and let the chips fall where they might.

Reflection of the lorax

And then this anger is so much more understandable. The weekend newspapers were filled to bursting with stories that would make the Lorax tear off his mustache. Here was more deep damage done by an administration that has deliberately styled itself the sworn enemy of all living things, should those things perchance to vex the pursuit of cheap profits at the expense of silly liberal trivialities like clean air, un-poisoned water and un-plasticized oceans not bent on retaliatory murder.

At the conclusion of The Lorax, The Once-ler is left to brood over the endless ruin of stumps and smoke he created.

During one exploration, we came across an ancient tree with five trunks growing from the bole, and she climbed up in between them, hands pressed to the bark. She is the Lorax, as am I, as are you, as are we all. Unless and until we all care a whole awful lot, the Trump-lers manufactured by this sad, strange society of ours will continue to run rampant, and the Truffula trees will fall.

The Lorax was not some curmudgeonly environmentalist complaining for the sake of complaining. He was fighting for his life. As are we all. Dedicated to my daughter, and to everyone else who speaks for the trees. Support Independent Journalism Psssttt! Since Donald Trump took office, progressive journalism has been under constant attack and companies like Facebook and Google have changed their policies to limit your access to sites like Truthout.

The result is that our articles are reaching fewer people at a time when we need genuinely independent news more than ever.

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Reflection Paper on The Lorax with Some Integration to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si With all the laughs and the adorable animation of the characters in Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax (), this light and fun respite approach of the movie puts forward not subtle but a deeper message.

Dr. Seuss The Lorax Worksheet - Lesson Plan. Uploaded by Seuss Dude. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss worksheets that can be used for lesson plans or class activities if your reading The Lorax. Includes answers, discussion questions and suggested home activities.

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Reflection of the lorax

save. . Oct 02,  · This is why I feel it was fitting the there was a new Lorax movie created.

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By having children, teenagers, and adults watch this movie it brings to light, in a fun way, the harmful effects that some businesses have on the environment.

The Lorax Reflection In the Lorax, the Once-ler shows up into this previously undisrupted ecosystem and begins to chop down the Truffula trees in order to create thneeds.

The Lorax "speaks for the trees" and warns the Once-ler that his actions will have consequences, but the Once-ler .

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