Sunflower oil production business plan

All kinds of our oil processing equipments are good sellers and worth commendation for their excellent quality. If you are interested in setting up an oilseed processing plant, please let us know and we shall be pleased to send you the most suitable equipment list and our latest quotaions once receive your enquiries.

Sunflower oil production business plan

Households Our Competitive Advantage Our intention as a business is to become the leading sunflower farm here in Topeka and to be the preferred brand for our target market. However, in order for us to achieve our set goals and objectives and be able to compete favorably against our competitors, we have put several competitive strategies in place.

Our major advantage is the fact that we offer several services and other products in addition to just selling sunflower seeds.

This has allowed us to gain more customers and not only penetrate the market but also have a competitive advantage over our competitors. Knowing how effective publicity strategies are, we have engaged the services of a reputable publicity consultant here in Topeka — Kansas City to help us draft effective publicity strategies that would allow us stand out, increase awareness for our business and give us the edge we need over our competitors.

We have built the right business structure that will allow us go the extra mile in hiring competent and capable hands to handle the various roles and responsibilities from the available positions here in our company.

Our employees are not only capable but they are also highly experienced as well and will therefore ensure that we are able to start from being an unknown start-up to becoming one of the leading brands in the industry not only here in Topeka but around the United States of America as well.

Finally, in order to keep our employees dedicated and committed to our cause, we intend to ensure that not only are our employees well trained and work in an environment that is easily accessible and conducive but that they are well paid as well with their welfare packages better than what their counterparts in similar start-ups such as ours across the industry are getting.

Kansas City is known as the sunflower state and so this has made us to be well positioned in Topeka. Due to this, we are quite optimistic that we will not only meet our set target and generate enough revenue during our first six months of business but that we will also make enough profit to grow and sustain our business.

We have however carried out a critical examination of the sunflower cum seeds industry in order to correctly analyze our chances and have come up with the following sales forecast.

The sales forecast comes from the information and data that we garnered from start-ups that were peculiar to ours here in Topeka — Kansas City.

Below therefore are the sales projection for Goldilocks Farm Inc that is based on several assumptions and data from our permanent location; First Fiscal Year-: The above sales projection were done based on what is obtainable in the industry and based on certain assumptions such as that people will not turn to alternatives and that another sunflower farm will not start up close to ours within the above stated period.

How to Start a Sunflower Oil Production Company ~ Small Business Ideas

It should be noted should there be a change in the above assumptions either for good or bad, it will lead to an increase or decrease in our sales projections especially during the above stated period.

Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy The major way for any business to generate revenue for itself is through marketing. Marketing is a very important aspect of any growing or established business which is why every entrepreneur who is serious in growing a business should take it seriously by creating a separate budget to cater for its marketing needs.

Knowing the importance of marketing is not enough, rather it is vital that the right marketing strategies are created in order for us to stand out and also compete favorably against our competitors not only here in Topeka but all over Kansas City as well. In this regard, we will be conducting a market survey that is intended to allow us understand our market, the characteristics of those we intend to sell to as well as other relevant information that will allow us penetrate the available market and help us position our business to the level that will be suitable for us.

We will be using detailed data and information from new and existing businesses in order to ensure that we stand out in the industry.

Due to how important marketing is, we have therefore resolved to engage the services of a reputable marketing and sales consultant who understands the industry thoroughly and knows the local environment quite well to help us draft marketing strategies that are timeless and effective and will serve our purposes of becoming one of the top leading brands in the industry.

We will also ensure that we empower our marketing team to help ensure that our marketing strategies are in line with our corporate sales goals and objectives. Asides from engaging in direct marketing and trying to get more clients for our business, our marketing team will also be empowered to review, modify or remove marketing strategies that are deemed ineffective for our business.

Knowing the importance of publicity to our newly established sunflower farm business, we therefore intend to take it seriously.

sunflower oil production business plan

In this regard, we have engaged the services of a business consultant that is vastly experienced in the agricultural sector here in Topeka — Kansas City to help us draft publicity strategies that will allow for our business to become well known and for the image of Goldilocks Farms Inc to be projected positively to our target market.BUSINESS PLAN PROGRESSIVE FARMERS’ GROUP COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION OF SUNFLOWER MAY, TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS II LIST OF TABLES IV LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS V EXECUTIVE SUMMARY VI INTRODUCTION 1 Name of the project 1 legality of the group 1 Objectives of the project 1 ECONOMIC ASPECTS 2 Sunflower .

Do you want to start sunflower oil manufacturing business? Find here business plan checklist with licensing, machinery, production process, raw materials. Business Plan: Commercial Production of Sunflower; Business Plan: Commercial Production of Sunflower.

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Words May 30th, 28 Pages. BUSINESS PLAN PROGRESSIVE FARMERS’ GROUP COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION OF SUNFLOWER techniques used by the business to plan production and product development.

Below therefore is a sample sunflower farming business plan for you; Business Overview The demand for sunflower oil by the Europeans caused a boom in United States acreage to . Business plan for refinery- In order to attain its vision of starting an oil refinery plant in central corridor in a next two years, RLDC intends to help interested While the production of sunflower oil seeds was varying between 75, to , tons in year to , it increased in the last two seasons dramatically to more.

Understand Sunflower Oil Production Business The first step is to learn what it entails to produce, package and sell the product. Conduct a feasibility study to .

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