Write around portland internship

I like to be active, optim istic, and to ally with the people I see. Sometimes this requires careful attention to the impact of problems which may not have been fully described.

Write around portland internship

As you learned in my previous postshingles is the common name for the condition that results from a reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus. Ten days ago, the virus that had been lying dormant in my left 5th cranial nerve since I contracted chicken pox at age 8, became active again.

Have I really been that stressed? For about a week prior to the rash developing, I had been feeling some tenderness on the left side of the top of my scalp along the Bladder channel, for those of you who are acupuncturists or are familiar with the pathways of Qi flow. Then one morning a tiny bump appeared just above the inner corner of my left eyebrow.

write around portland internship

I gave it a little squeeze why, oh why, did I think that was a good idea?? I thought perhaps it was a spider bite.

They have a strategy. Most of us do not.

Then a few hours later I felt a mild prickly sensation in the middle of my eyebrow. But within the next few hours, the prickly sensation had increased in intensity and I began experiencing other neuralgias: Son of a bitch, I have shingles!

I started taking internal antiviral herbs immediately. I started myself on Plum Flower brand Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien 6 tabs every hour and Zhong Gan Ling also 6 tabs every hour for the rest of that first day because it was the weekend and that is what I had on hand at home.

Ophthalmic dermatome is in green. I had eruptions and pain throughout the green area, as well as the adjacent dermatomes, but thankfully not on my nose.


More eruptions began to appear on Day 2 and the original lesion grew larger in size and began to fill with purulent fluid. My eyebrow and the skin on my scalp and forehead became increasingly more tender to the slightest touch and the pains coming from in my head grew more intense, more frequent and affected a larger area.

I continued taking the Zhong Gan Ling 8 tabs every 2 hours plus Yin Chiao 6 tabs every 2 hours and I applied an herbal compress to the lesions on my forehead twice that day.

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I occasionally added more herbal liquid to the gauze with a dropper. By Day 3, the pain had gotten pretty damn intense from my upper eyelid throughout the rest of the dermatome. It was not constant, though. I also developed lymphadenopathy of the lymph nodes on the left side of my neck — it hurt like hell to turn my head because it stretched the tender and swollen nodes.

write around portland internship

I feared for the health of my eyes, though no eruptions were yet appearing on my nose thank goodness! But it was only Day 3; I was aware that new lesions could continue to erupt for the first week plus the sharp shooting pains through my skull were getting worse which meant the condition was not slowing down despite my herbal efforts.

Time to do acupuncture.

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I had needled myself plenty of times in the past.PCC / Community-Based Learning / Posted in Write Around Portland: Fall Internship Available Internships We have project-based internships that are assigned depending upon the interests and experiences of the intern.

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